At Fuller Stone Care we use only UV stable, breathable and renewable sealers.

UV Stable

UV Stable

Resists UltraViolet Sun Rays to reduce fading



Vapor Permissive Sealers allows any moisture underneath the surface to breathe out

Renewable Renewable


Our sealer promotes longevity and ease of future maintenance


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Looking for a simple way to transform bland, boring concrete into a focal point of your property? Don’t get involved with the frustration of DIY concrete coatings that could crack, peel, or fade. Instead, trust the professionals at Fuller Concrete Staining to provide superior color and protection for your concrete with top-quality concrete staining and concrete sealing. As a licensed contractor with many years of experience in concrete care, we can handle all kinds of residential and commercial projects, including pool decks, patios, driveways, and more. In just a couple days of work we can create a beautiful, richly colored concrete surface that will last for years to come with minimal care and maintenance. Also the products we use are renewable and can be refreshed to last for over a decade or longer.


Actual Job Completed On 4/26/2016

Pool Decks

Pool Decks

Actual Job Completed On 5/12/2016



Actual Job Completed On 3/21/2016

We use UV stable, breathable, and renewable sealers

Our sealers promote quality and longevity to keep your hardscape protected and beautiful, while also allowing for easy future maintenance.

Breathable & Vapor Permissive Sealers

Breathable sealers are designed to allow the earth to breathe out moisture through the substrate and sealer. If a sealer or coating traps moisture, hydrostatic pressure will build up and cause the sealer to turn cloudy. As the moisture continues to build up it will eventually cause the sealer to peel and flake off. Our breathable vapor permissive sealers will allow the moist earth underneath the hardscape to breathe out and eliminate moisture or efflorescence issues.

"We Service Your Concrete Surfaces" — Larry Fuller

At Fuller Concrete Staining, we take the headache and worry out of caring for your concrete surfaces. We've been cleaning, staining, sealing, and restoring exterior concrete for many years, and we know the best products and techniques to use for your job. Count on us to treat your property like it is our own.
Fuller Concrete Staining


Fuller Concrete Staining is the top-rated concrete care company you can trust to provide superior service for all your exterior concrete.


Check out before and after images of some of our past concrete staining, sealing, and restoration projects in our gallery.


We guarantee the quality of our work 100 percent, so you can rest assured you will love your newly stained or sealed concrete.

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Fuller Concrete Staining

Protect your concrete with a high-quality sealant!

Your stone is durable, but is also porous and is exposed to the elements when left unsealed. By applying a UV Stable, Breathable and Renewable sealer it will fill the pores of the surface and slow down the erosion process from the sun, rain and weathering. We have years of experience with professional surface preparation to ensure the sealer will properly bond with your type of hardscape. Please contact Fuller Stone Care so we can recommend the right product for protection of your stone, concrete or pavers.

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