Concrete Sealing

Keep Your Concrete Looking Like New Longer with Our Professional Concrete Sealing

Concrete is extremely durable, but it can still benefit from the protection provided by a quality concrete sealer. We highly recommend sealing your stained concrete to preserve and protect its color. Unstained concrete can also benefit from sealing. Here’s what you need to know:

  • What Concrete Sealing Does: Bare concrete is vulnerable to damage from abrasion as well as from exposure to water, oil, and chemicals. Abrasion can give the concrete a worn look and create dust, while exposure to various liquids can result in stains. Concrete sealers make concrete less absorbent so that it is less likely to be stained. They also provide an added layer of protection that must be worn away before abrasion can begin damaging your concrete.
  • How Concrete Sealing Looks:  At Fuller Concrete Staining we normally apply a commercial grade sealer with a satin finish. This gives a nice color enhancing look without it being too glossy. If you want a high gloss then that is available by request. There are also penetrating concrete sealers that normally do not alter the appearance of your concrete. A penetrating sealer is ideal if you want to maintain a plain concrete without staining.
  • How Long Concrete Sealing Lasts: The lifespan of your concrete sealing can vary depending on the type of the product you choose, whether the concrete was professionally cleaned before sealer application, and how heavily the surface is used. At Fuller Concrete Staining you can rest assured that our sealers are renewable and can be refreshed in the years to come for a reasonable cost.
  • How to Choose a Concrete Sealer: Due to the wide variety of concrete sealing products on the market, the best way to make sure you are getting the right sealer for your project is to entrust the decision to a knowledgeable contractor like Fuller Concrete Staining. We know from experience what products work best in our local area and we’ll make sure you get the product that best meets your needs.

Choose Slip-Resistant Concrete Sealant

When concrete gets wet, it can be quite slippery. This can particularly be an issue for homeowners who have installed concrete around their pool or businessowners who are worried about the liability concerns of slippery flooring. The good news is that we offer non-slip sealer that can make concrete secure and safe.

Trust Fuller Concrete Staining with All Your Surfaces

Whether you have a brand new concrete surface that needs protection or you are due for re-sealing on an existing surface, Fuller Concrete Staining is here to help. We will not only make sure you choose the correct concrete sealer for your application; we will also make sure your surface is properly prepared to accept the sealer by providing professional concrete cleaning. Using top-quality cleaning products as well as state of the art steam pressure washing equipment when appropriate, we will make sure you get a strong bond and exceptional performance from your concrete sealing.

Our specialties include:


Concrete sealing will enhance the service life and appeal of your stained or unstained concrete driveway. You can rely on Fuller Concrete Staining to use a concrete sealer that is specifically formulated for driveways. Such a sealer will provide protection against oil stains without affecting traction on your driveway. We can pre-clean dirty driveways to make sure your new sealer bonds well with the concrete and delivers ample protection. Our commercial grade sealer also resists against hot tire marks.

Pool Decks

When applying concrete sealer to pool decks, one of the biggest concerns is that the sealer might make the surface too slippery, which would be dangerous for pool users. At Fuller Concrete Staining, we care about the safety of your property. We never use topical products that would create a film on the concrete and make your pool deck slippery. Our commercial grade concrete sealers meet the anti-slip coefficient standard for your safety.


Concrete sealing can really help you get the most from your outdoor living spaces. You can enjoy a morning coffee or an evening glass of red wine without worry on a sealed patio because any spills will be easier to clean up without absorbing into the concrete. Sealing will also help keep dust down for a high-end look in your outdoor space.

Residential Concrete Sealing

Professional attention from Fuller Concrete Staining is all it takes to add years to the life of your stained or unstained concrete. When you need protection or beautification for your exterior concrete, we will make sure you get appropriate products that will meet your goals for the look and performance of your concrete.

Commercial Concrete Sealing

Any time you invest in your business, you obviously want to get maximum return on that investment. This is particularly true when talking about care and maintenance for large expanses of concrete. Trust Fuller Concrete Staining for professional concrete sealing to protect your investment in newly stained concrete or plain concrete. No job is too large or too small for our experienced crews.

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