Concrete Staining

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Concrete is an extremely practical material, but it can look boring and utilitarian. Many products claim to help change this, but when you want to add personality, visual interest, and appeal to concrete, your best option is concrete staining. Here’s why:

  • It Looks Amazing: Concrete stain delivers rich color with translucent tones, adding a sense of depth to the concrete surface. This is much more appealing than the sort of flat, opaque effect you get with paint or other surface coverings. UV stable water-based stains offer a larger palette of more consistent, saturated colors. By blending or layering different stain colors you can create a custom color and effect.
  • It Last for Years and is Renewable: Because concrete stain doesn’t just sit on top of the concrete but actually penetrates the surface, it is resistant to chipping, flaking, or peeling away. UV stable stained concrete is also highly resistant to fading and with help from a concrete sealer, can also resist abrasion. To keep your stained concrete looking like new you can use recommended cleaning products from Fuller Concrete Staining and just rinse them off to remove the exterior dirt and buildup.
  • It’s Efficient: Most jobs can be completed in 2 days. For larger jobs it may take a day or so longer.
  • It’s Really Affordable: Compared to replacement, concrete staining is an extremely cost-effective means of achieving a high-end look on your property. For example, you might not have room in your budget for a new pool deck, but with concrete staining we can clean, restore, and stain it for a fraction of the cost of installing new concrete and avoid the mess of demolishing the old concrete.

Trust Fuller Concrete Staining with All Your Surfaces

At Fuller Concrete Staining, we have many years of experience staining old and new concrete surfaces. You can rely on us for expert assistance with any project large or small. If your old concrete needs to be cleaned before staining in order to ensure full penetration and proper color development, we can provide this service using our state of the art pressure washing equipment.

Some of our specialties include:


Concrete staining can make any ordinary driveway look extraordinary. Even just one coat of stain can add depth and interest to an otherwise dull drive. You could choose different stains for the border and main body of the driveway. No matter what option you choose, you’ll enjoy a beautiful new driveway for a fraction of the time and expense that would be required to actually install a new surface.

Pool Decks

Natural stone may look amazing around a pool, but it is expensive to install. Plus, some types of stone simply aren’t suited for poolside use because they can become damaged or slippery. You can rely on Fuller Concrete Staining to use top-quality products and techniques to create whatever color effects you may want.


Whether you have plain gray concrete or colored concrete on your patio we can help you liven up your outdoor living space using concrete staining. Choose from a wide variety of stain colors to get the perfect look for your property.

Residential Concrete Staining

At Fuller Concrete Staining, we provide a complete range of residential concrete staining services for exterior surfaces. You can trust us to treat your property like it is our own. We will carefully mask off the areas to be stained so that your walls, trim, etc. are protected from any possible damage, and we strive to not leave a mess on your property after work.

Commercial Concrete Staining

As an experienced licensed contractor, Fuller Concrete Staining has the staff and equipment required to handle even the biggest commercial concrete staining projects. We understand the special needs of commercial clients and we will work with your schedule to minimize the impact of the work on your normal business activities.

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