Enhance and protect your concrete surfaces with our professional concrete staining and concrete sealing.

When looking in to the possible ways of enhancing and protecting a concrete surface, many people’s first stop is the concrete care aisle of their local building supply store. Here you will find a mind-boggling array of products for adding color, texture, and protection to concrete. You may be understandably confused as to what type of products work best.

Don’t waste your time agonizing over a decision in the store or risk your concrete’s beauty with a DIY application of an inferior product. Instead, simply call Fuller Concrete Staining. We will provide expert advice and professional assistance at every step of your project, starting with how to choose the right products and services for the look you want.

Here’s what you need to know:

Benefits of Concrete Staining

Concrete staining is simply the best way to add rich, deep, dimensional, enduring color to your concrete. By adding a penetrating stain color and by using various special techniques, we can create the color effect that you want. And because the stain doesn’t just sit on the surface like paint or other types of coatings, but actually penetrates down into the pores of the concrete, you get exceptional durability. The concrete stain won’t flake or peel and is UV stable so it won’t fade in a short time like other products.

Benefits of Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealing is essential for keeping all kinds of concrete surfaces looking their best for years to come. Sealants provide two important types of protection. First, they help make the concrete less absorbent so that it is less likely to become stained or damaged by exposure to water, oil, salts, and chemicals. Secondly, they help make concrete less vulnerable to abrasion from heavy foot or vehicle traffic. For stained concrete, you typically want to choose a clear sealant that will enhance the color of the freshly stained concrete and give it a nice satin finish. We do not recommend a high gloss finish because it will dull down after a few months of being in the exterior elements such as rain, dirt, etc.

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