5 Unique Options to Spruce Up Your Concrete Front Porch

If you have a concrete front porch that you don’t know what to do with, you are in luck. At Fuller Concrete Staining we are experts in creating beautiful concrete spaces our clients love. Read on to learn about a few unique ideas then contact us at 310-944-9099 if you need a free estimate for concrete staining and/or concrete sealing.

  1. Use Stain to Create Stripes
  2. For a unique look that fits in with any décor and color scheme, consider using stain to add stripes. This is an affordable option that can be completed in a single day. You can choose two shades of the same color or two entirely different colors – the choice is yours. Either way, you will likely be the only house on the block with this unique porch design.
  3. Adding Tiles to Part of the Concrete
  4. Today you can find any number of floor decking tiles that are easy to snap together and install. We recommend buying a pack of nine and creating a unique step up to your door or another special spot. These tiles can be ordered online and found from many local suppliers.
  5. Creating Faux Brick
  6. The fact of the matter is that trying to install real brick is expensive, time-consuming, and creates quite a mess. Today there are faux brick options you can use that will look similar to the real thing but without the cost and the inconvenience.
  7. Outdoor Tile
  8. If you have a large budget and want to put a lot of work into improving your concrete, you could install outdoor tile. You will generally pay by the foot and can choose from a wide range of tile options. Just remember that outdoor tiles can crack and break, which may then require ongoing maintenance and repairs. Factor that hassle and cost into your decision.
  9. Clean It, Stain It, and Seal It
  10. If you want the most cost effective option that requires little to no upkeep and maintenance, then you may be looking for Fuller Concrete Staining. We can begin by pressure cleaning your concrete porch. You may be surprised to learn just how much of a difference this can make to the look and feel of your porch.

We can then stain it with your choice of stain. It could have a tint to create a unique colorcost-effective could be matte or glossy – it could be just about anything you want. The final step is sealing the concrete so it will look great for months and years to come.

If you ready to learn more about how we can help you meet your unique concrete porch goals, contact Fuller Concrete Staining at 310-944-9099.

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