Avoid These Common Mistakes When Sealing and Staining Your Concrete Flooring

There are many reasons that it can pay to stain your concrete and then seal your concrete. However, at Fuller Concrete Staining we have seen some common mistakes significantly reduce the return on that investment. Read on to discover how to avoid those mistakes. If you have questions or you want to hire the professionals, contact us at 310-944-9099.

Not Properly Preparing the Surface

You may think that the most important steps of sealing and staining are the sealing and staining themselves, but in many cases the biggest mistakes people make involve not properly preparing the surface. If the concrete surface is not flawless, the stain and seal may not stick as well as they should.

Even if they stick, any flaws on the flooring will be sealed for all time. If you have rough spots, get a sander. Sweep up any dust and debris. If there are any construction materials on the flooring, remove it – including nails and screws. Do not clean the surface with muriatic acid as it can affect the lime in the concrete and keep certain stains from working correctly.

You should also take steps to protect the rest of the area. For example, you will need to tape off any non-working surface areas to ensure they do not get any stain on them.

Not Applying the Stain Correctly

Of course, the application process is important but you may underestimate just how important it is to do it right. The stain must be applied uniformly. You may need to lightly work it in with a scouring pad or hard-bristled brush. Depending on the stain you are using, you may need to let it dry and apply a second coat for optimal coverage.

If you are creating designs, make sure that you are not using painter’s tape or masking tape to layout the design. Why? Because when the surface has color and the tape is applied, the tape can pull the color off. Even if the surface is unstained, these taps can leave behind residue that affects the application of the stain.

Not Applying the Sealant Correctly

Sealing concrete is not required but it is wise – especially if you are taking the time or investing in staining it. However, this only applies if it is applied correctly. First, make sure that the stain is entirely dried and cured. If you apply the sealant too early then neither step will be effective.

Second, it must be applied according to directions and with professional tools. It is easy to see that in many cases, it is easier and more cost-effective to simply hire a professional for concrete staining and sealing. To learn more about the process and the cost, contact Fuller Concrete Staining at 310-944-9099.

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