Commercial Stone Staining and Sealing: Is it Right for Your Business?

As a business owner, you need your location to look professional and top notch. If you have issues with the surface of your concrete, you may have taken a visit to your local hardware store and looked at their aisle of concrete care products. You likely found an overwhelming amount of options to add texture and color to concrete, or to protect it. The understandable response by many people is confusion as to which products they need.

The good news is that you don’t have to make sense of all your options and you don’t need to waste time or risk the results by handling this yourself. A much better option is to contact Fuller Concrete Staining at 310-944-9099 for expert advice and professional help with your project. We’re here at every step, from the point at which you’re considering the products to the weeks after your concrete has been professionally treated.

There are many benefits of concrete staining

Of course, you may still be wondering if you even need what concrete staining has to offer. The reality is that it has a number of benefits. First, consider that it simply looks great. You choose the color you want and we use long-last colors that will provide a rich, deep, beautiful look for years to come.

Second, when you choose a concrete stain as opposed to concrete paint, you’re getting a very durable product. Why? Because paint simply sits on the surface your concrete while concrete stain gets down into the pores of your concrete. You don’t have to worry about flaking and you don’t have to worry about peeling. In fact, it’s UV stable so you don’t even have to worry about fading.

There are many benefits of concrete sealing

If you want your concrete to look great for years to come then you want concrete sealing. There are two levels of protection that sealant provides. First, it makes concrete less absorbent, which reduces the chances it will get stained or damaged, even if it’s exposed to chemicals, oil, water, and salts.

Second staining can protect your concrete from abrasions that would otherwise come along with foot traffic or vehicle traffic. When you work with Fuller Concrete Staining, we’ll help you find the right sealant but generally speaking we recommend a clear sealant. It enhances the color of stained concrete and offers a great satin finish. In most cases we don’t recommend high gloss finishes because they’re likely to become dull after only a few months of being exposed to rain, dirt, and other outside elements.

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