Concrete Pavers vs Stone Pavers: Which is the Right Choice for Your Project?

When it comes time to decorate the exterior of your property, you have lots of options. If you have decided that pavers are the way to go, then your next choice is this: Are concrete pavers or stone pavers better? Check out the facts below and make the most informed decision. If you decide on concrete pavers, contact Fuller Concrete Staining at 310-944-9099 for help with concrete sealing and staining.

Concrete Pavers Offer More Options Than Concrete Slabs

There are a number of reasons that concrete pavers are a great option. First, you can get them in just about any size, shape, pattern, or color you want. No matter what your preferences are, or what style of design you want, you can make concrete pavers fit in with your home and landscaping.

Compare this to concrete slabs, which are essentially plain concrete. You can do some staining and stamping options, but remember that you will need to stain and seal them. Note as well that using concrete pavers means you do not have to wait for the curing period you would wait for if you had concrete slabs installed. Concrete pavers are ready to be used right away.

Concrete Pavers Are a Good Choice Near Pools

There is a reason that you are more likely to see concrete pavers near a pool than you are to see stone: Concrete pavers are much less slippery. When it comes to using a pool, you can tell everyone not to run but at some point, someone will. If you have a pool and want to ensure that you have maximized traction, then concrete pavers are the right choice.

It is Easier to Replace One Paver When You Need To

If you chose to install pavers and one of them gets damaged, you can remove it and replace it fairly easily. On the other hand, a stone or poured concrete slab cannot be repaired so successfully. If they are repaired, it is often easy to see the repairs.

Pavers Last for Decades When Property Maintained

When you take good care of pavers, they can last for as long as 50 years. Poured concrete lasts a long time too, but generally only lasts for two to three decades instead of five decades. Taking care of either option involves working with an experienced staining and sealing company. You can reach Fuller Concrete Staining at 310-944-9099 to find out more about the services we offer and how we can help you.

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