Curious About Concrete Sealing? Get Answers to 4 Commonly Asked Questions One of the reasons concrete is such a popular material is that it’s so durable. However, too often, people assume that since it’s so durable it doesn’t need to be sealed. The reality is that if you take the time to seal your concrete, you’ll protect its color and help it last as long as possible. Many people don’t know anything about concrete sealing, or they know very little about it. Read on to get answers to questions we often get at Fuller Concrete Staining. Then reach out to us at 310-944-9099 to request a free quote.

What’s the point of concrete sealing?

Concrete that isn’t sealed can be vulnerable to all types of damage. For example, it’s vulnerable to abrasion and it’s also vulnerable to exposure to certain chemicals, oil, and even water. When abrasion happens, the concrete can end up looking worn and dust can be created, which leaves a dirty space.

Being exposed to various liquids can stain the concrete. When you seal it instead, it’s much less absorbent and is virtually impossible to stain. Likewise, the sealant leaves a layer of protection that is difficult for be worn away, no matter the abrasive substance.

What’s the process of concrete sealing?

When you choose to work with Fuller Concrete Staining, we’ll come out and start by applying a commercial grade sealer. In most cases, it will have a satin finish, though you have many options. In our experience, satin finish sealers give your concrete a great color but don’t look too glossy.

In the event that you do want it to be glossier, just let us know. We can also use a penetrating concrete sealer that won’t change the way your concrete looks at all. This is the right choice if you want to ensure that your concrete is sealed but you want it to be plain and not looked stained.

How often will I have to have my concrete sealed?

How long your sealant lasts will vary based on a few factors. First, it depends on what type of sealant you use. We can help you choose an option with a long lifespan. Second, it’ll depend on whether or not the surface was professionally cleaned before the sealer was applied. At Fuller Concrete Staining, we will always take care of this for you. Finally, it depends on how much traffic the surface gets.

One thing that’s great about working with Fuller Concrete Staining is that the products we use are renewable. This means that if you need to have your concrete refreshed, we can do that for a reasonable cost and without the hassle of resealing it entirely.

How much does it cost to have my concrete sealed?

This depends on whether or not you’re dealing with stained concrete, the type of sealant you want, where the concrete is located, and how large the space is. At Fuller Concrete Staining, we always provide a free quote. Just give us a call at 310-944-9099 and we’ll help you get started.

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