Don’t Replace Your Concrete: Stain It!

There are many reasons to use concrete both inside and outside of the home. While it is practical and cost effective, some homeowners don’t like it for the simple reason that it looks boring. There are lots of products and companies out there that claim they can help with this, but the truth is that if you want your concrete to showcase your unique personality, to be interesting to look at, and to look great in or outside your home, then concrete staining is a great option.

Get the rich color you didn’t know was possible with concrete staining

Many homeowners are shocked when they look at our gallery of concrete projects and they realize that staining concrete can add beautiful, translucent tones, can add a sense of depth, and can make it look simply beautiful. Instead of the flat look you’d get if you simply painted it, staining it gives you a very unique surface.

What’s more, the stain you get when you work with Fuller Concrete Staining is consistent, UV stable, and water based, which means it’s easy to clean and requires very little maintenance. We have a huge selection of colors for you to choose from but we can also blend or layer various colors to give you a custom look and effect.

We can complete most concrete staining jobs in just two days

For the most part, we’re able to start and complete a concrete staining job within two days. This is much faster than having the concrete replaced entirely. Of course, some jobs may take longer, depending on how large they are and various other factors. However, when you call Fuller Concrete Staining at 310-944-9099 for your quote, we can offer a realistic timeline for your unique project.

Your stain will last for years and years to come

When you paint concrete, you’re essentially adding a layer to sit on top of the concrete. On the other hand, when you stain concrete, the stain actually penetrates the surface of the concrete. This means that the color and stain is resistant to peeling, chipping, or flaking. The stains we use are UV stable as well, which means they’re unlikely to fade.

We always recommend that you add a concrete sealer, which further helps your concrete to resist abrasion. When we stain your floor, we’re happy to offer our recommendations for the best cleaning products to keep dirt and buildup from damaging or staining your floor. Just use these cleaning products and rinse off your concrete – it’s that easy to take care of your concrete flooring.

If you want an affordable option then you want to stain your concrete

If you compare the cost of staining concrete with replacing it, there’s no question that concrete staining is much more cost-effective. If you want a high-end look for your home, then this is the best option bar none. For example, if you’re tired of the dull look of your concrete patio, we can clean, restore, and stain it for much less than it would cost to destroy the old patio and build a new one. For more information, contact Fuller Concrete Staining at 310-944-9099 right away.

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