Get Answers to Common Questions About Concrete Staining

If you are considering concrete staining then it is likely you have a question or two. The good news is that Fuller Concrete Staining has all the answers you need. Feel free to read on to learn more about the options, then contact us at 310-944-9099 if you have additional questions.

What is the Purpose of Staining Concrete?

Put simply, it’s beautiful. It’s also a very affordable option. Depending on your preferences, you could choose from a wide range of colors and effects. You may choose a simple stain that protects your concrete, or you may choose a stain that adds bright, bold, beautiful colors.

Can I Complete Concrete Staining on My Own?

We do not recommend it. Note that concrete staining is permanent – you cannot erase it. Once it is down and on, you will have to live with the results. Working with the professionals for concrete sealing and staining is the best way to increase your chances of getting exactly what you need.

Can All Types of Concrete Be Stained?

All types of concrete can be stained but not all concrete can be stained. Whether or not it can be is largely dependent on the condition of the surface of the concrete. If it is covered glue, grime, old sealers, etc., they can prevent the stain from soaking in and it will not offer the results you want. The good news is that we can power wash the concrete before we stain it so just about any concrete can work.

Is Staining Enough or Do I Need to Seal the Concrete Too?

We recommend both. Once your concrete is stained, you want to protect that stain for many years to come. Sealing it will help do that. Your sealant can be glossy or matte, whichever you would prefer. We use sealing products that are renewable, which means that when it’s time to re-seal them, you do not have to remove the previous sealant.

How Do I Choose the Right Stain?

We can help narrow this down for you. We will ask targeted questions to determine the style, color, boldness, and finish that would work best for you. We can then show you examples and answer all your questions so that you can make the most informed decision.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are ready to get started staining your concrete, then we welcome your call to Fuller Concrete Staining at 310-944-9099. We can carefully consider all your needs and find the best possible option. We are happy to offer a free estimate, to discuss the pros and cons of various choices, and to give you the facts about how to best move forward.

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