Get Answers to Three of the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Sealing Concrete

If you have stained your concrete, then you likely have questions about whether or not you should seal your concrete. The easiest way to get answers to your questions is to contact Fuller Concrete Staining directly at 310-944-9099. You can also keep reading to get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we regularly receive.

  1. Most floors should be sealed and waxed. This is even more true for areas that experience high traffic. Beyond protecting the floor from damage and making it easier to clean and maintain the floors, it can also enhance the look and keep it looking great for months or even years to come. Concrete is a very porous material, but when it is sealed, the porous quality is removed. Spills do not stain as readily, damage by erosion is not caused as easily, and heavy traffic and weathering do not affect the material as much.
  2. Does Sealing Concrete Change the Way it Looks?
  3. Put simply, yes. If you do not have it sealed, then it will have the flat, matte look you think of when you think of concrete. The concrete will also be more porous and, therefore, easier to stain and damage, which will make it look older sooner than it should. On the other hand, if you seal the concrete, it will have a smoother, richer look. You can choose a colorful sealant that will give it a marbled or mottled look, or you can choose a smooth color. Depending on the look you want to see when we are doing, we can find the perfect sealant so that you can get the look you want.
  4. Does Sealing Concrete Make It Slippery?
  5. It can but it doesn’t have to. If you choose to buy a concrete sealant at your local hardware store and put it down yourself, then you can count on it being slippery. However, if you work with a professional concrete sealing company, we will use the right sealant for the job. For example, we would use a different sealant for concrete located around a pool deck versus concrete that is used for a driveway.

We apply sealants in layers, which helps reduce the slipperiness. If the concrete is in an area in which you want to reduce the slipperiness, then we can use additives in the sealant that helps make it much less slippery.

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As you can see, the answers to most questions are: it depends on what you want. If you want a sleek look, we can do that. If you want a finish that is slip-resistant, we can do that too. Your best bet is to contact Fuller Concrete Staining at 310-944-9099 to request an estimate.

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