Have You Considered Using Concrete as an Interior Surface in Your Home?

At Fuller Concrete Staining, we’re often surprised by how many homeowners never consider concrete for the interior of their home. While they’re likely to think of it for their driveway, their garage, and around their pool, they don’t think about the incredible decorative appearance it will have when we’re done sealing it. It’s actually a great functional flooring for virtually any indoor space. Read on and then contact Fuller Concrete Staining to learn more and for your free quote.

Concrete flooring is a great way to make sure your floor is durable

There are a lot of reasons people choose to install and stain concrete inside their homes, including the fact that it’s very durable. When you add concrete sealing to the mix, you’ve truly got an option that can last a lifetime. The techniques we use are perfect if you want a floor that’s incredibly low maintenance looks incredible at the same time.

Concrete is a great choice for those with allergies

Another reason people decide to use concrete flooring in their homes is because it is incredibly resistant to allergies. If you are a person who’s sensitive to pet hair, pet dander, dust, or other allergens, then you’ll find that concrete is much more allergy-friendly than carpet. This modern flooring option can be quickly and easily cleaned and won’t hold on to allergens the way carpeting can.

Concrete can be installed on top of your current flooring

If the space you’re considering concrete flooring for currently has hardwood flooring then concrete can be placed on top of that flooring. This helps reduce costs and ensures that the end result is that you finally have the flooring you’ve always wanted.

Install concrete flooring in a wide range of rooms

The great thing about adding concrete flooring is that you can use it in virtually any home. Why not add concrete flooring to your living or family room and then put a few plush carpets over it? Concrete is a great choice for your wine cellar, or call and have Fuller Concrete Staining stain the concrete floor in your basement. From hallways to bathrooms, from kitchens to garages, there is no room that is off limits when it comes to installing, staining, and sealing concrete.

For the ultimate in modern design, consider concrete

If you’re a person who loves modern design and wants your home to look sleek and polished, then concrete is just what you’re looking for. Do you have questions about how to best seal and polish it? Do you want to know what your options are and what they’ll cost? Then contact Fuller Concrete Staining today.

We are here to help with all your concrete staining and sealing needs. Whether you want a simple, solid color or an incredible design, we are here to make your floors look better than you ever imagined. Call us today at 310-944-9099 for more information.

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