Learn the 5 Main Advantages of Choosing Concrete as Your Patio Material

If you are building a new patio then you have many material options. At Fuller Concrete Staining we believe concrete is best for almost all patios. To learn why, keep reading and discover five of the biggest advantages. If you do have concrete installed and want it to look beautiful, you may consider concrete staining. Whether you stain it or not, concrete sealing is an essential part of keeping it in great shape for as long as possible – and we can help you with both. Just call us at 310-944-9099.

  1. Concrete is a Very Affordable Material
  2. One of the most common reasons people choose concrete is because it is so affordable. That includes both a low price to build it and a low cost of ongoing maintenance. Unlike other options, you will not have to replace worn beams, you will not have to deal with rotted boards, you will not have to sand or refinish the surface. All you need to do is seal it and it will stay in good shape.
  3. Concrete is Very Durable
  4. A concrete patio that is sealed and maintained can last for decades. Wood rots. Wood can be damaged by wind and other elements. A perfectly designed and built concrete patio can handle just about anything – and for many years to come.
  5. Concrete Requires Little Maintenance
  6. Due to the fact that it is so durable, concrete does not require much maintenance. As long as you have it sealed, you can go decades without having to replace it. You can simply wash it off or sweep it as needed to keep debris away, then work with Fuller Concrete Staining to have it re-sealed as needed. That’s it!
  7. Concrete is Beautiful
  8. There are a million and one colors, designs, and types of concrete you can choose. If you think that concrete is just dull, gray, and boring, you are in for a surprise. If you want something that does not attract attention away from the rest of your patio then it certainly can be gray. If you want something that enhances and beautifies your patio then we can stain it just about any color you want. You can also outline it with brick, cobblestone, and other high-end options.
  9. Concrete is the Most Traditional Option for Patios
  10. Wood being used to make patios is a relatively new phenomenon. Concrete stays in great shape for many years to come and is considered a permanent structure. Compare that to wood, which may need to be replaced after just a few years.

Are You Interested in Sealing or Staining Your Concrete?

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