Learn the Basics of Concrete Staining and Why It is Such a Great Choice

Are there any concrete areas in your house that you dislike and need to change but are unsure how to proceed with? Do you swap it out? Cover it, do you? Are you trying to be as non-intrusive as you can be but aren’t sure where to start? You are in the proper location!

Without having to undertake substantial construction or replace the concrete, staining your concrete can radically transform the look and feel of your home and give you the much-needed transformation you’ve been searching for. Staining is a fantastic substitute. Read on to learn more and then contact Fuller Concrete Staining at 310-944-9099 for help with concrete sealing and staining.

Reactive and non-reactive stains

Two different kinds of concrete stains exist. Reactive and non-reactive. Acidic water-based stains called reactive stains include metallic salts that react with the lime in the concrete. As soon as the chemical reaction occurs, the stain adheres permanently to the concrete and won’t peel or chip off. Water-based acrylic stains that don’t require a chemical reaction to produce color are known as non-reactive stains.

As opposed to that, they only deposit their pigment particles into the visible pores on the concrete surface. Concrete staining gives your surfaces personality rather than a solid aspect that resembles paint or colored coatings. The translucent concrete is stained throughout. It’s also crucial to realize that due to the nature of concrete, there will be variations in the finish when staining various sections with the same color and shade.

Concrete staining looks great

Due in part to the numerous colors, tones, and patterns it offers, concrete staining has gained appeal throughout time. Concrete staining can achieve both your goals of an antique polish and a modern, sleek style for your home. When putting concrete stain, there are a number of different alternatives and approaches you may take, and Fuller Concrete Staining would be happy to go over them with you and address any questions you may have.

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