Concrete Driveway Sealing in Fullerton CA

Keep your driveway looking its best with professional concrete driveway sealing in Fullerton CA

Concrete Driveway SealingIn our car-centric culture, the driveway is an important part of any home or business. While concrete is a durable choice for a driveway, abrasion, oil stains, and hot tire marks can easily ruin the look of a concrete driveway. When it comes to concrete that has been treated with a colored stain, UV damage and fading may also be a concern. The good news is, there are ways to protect your concrete and keep it looking newer longer. All you have to do is call Fuller Concrete Staining for concrete driveway sealing in Fullerton CA.

5 Steps for a Durable, Beautiful Concrete Driveway

After many years of experience in the restoration business,Fuller Concrete Staining has developed a detailed protocol for professional concrete driveway sealing in Fullerton CA. The key steps involved are:

  • Sealer Selection: We offer only the best quality products for concrete driveway sealing in Fullerton CA. We have different formulas for plain concrete and stained concrete, as well as for commercial driveways that will be subject to heavy traffic. These products will deliver ample protection against abrasion, UV damage, hot tire marks, and stains from water, oil, and chemicals.
  • Concrete Cleaning: Dirty concrete will not form a good bond with the concrete sealant. That’s why we include professional concrete cleaning as a first step in concrete driveway sealing. We use the best quality products and techniques to get your driveway as clean as possible.
  • Application: We are always careful to let the concrete dry thoroughly before we start applying the sealant. You can rely on our staff to work quickly but carefully to ensure you get an even coat of sealant with no missed spots.
  • Drying: Depending on the type of concrete sealer you have chosen, your driveway will be ready for traffic in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Resealing: After a number of years, the protection provided by your sealant will diminish and you will need to get concrete driveway sealing in Fullerton CA again. Fortunately, we use products that can be reapplied as needed without the need for stripping between layers, which makes resealing much easier. We can explain the factors that age sealed concrete and help you estimate when you may need to reseal your driveway.

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