Concrete Driveway Staining in Irvine CA

Our professional concrete driveway staining in Irvine CA can make your driveway a work of art.

Concrete Driveway StainingWhen someone drives up to your home or business, the driveway is one of the first things they see. Obviously old, dirty concrete will make a poor impression. But so will boring white or gray concrete–especially if it is at odds with your architectural style. Concrete driveway staining in Irvine CA offers almost limitless possibilities for making your driveway serve your architectural design, rather than detracting from it.

Concrete Driveway Staining in Irvine CA Is…

  • Beautiful: Concrete driveway staining in Irvine CA allows you to achieve color effects that simply aren’t possible with paint. Why? Because stain is translucent, so the color has dimension rather than looking flat. We use water-based stains to give you the largest possible color palette of pre-mixed stains. We can also layer stains on top of each other or create different colored borders to achieve the specific look you desire.
  • Durable: At Fuller Concrete Staining, we use commercial-grade products that are made to last. Because concrete stain penetrates the surface of the material rather than just forming a surface coating, your color will not chip, flake or peel. Most stains are also UV stable to resist color fading.
  • Quick: Typically, any project that is big enough to dramatically affect your curb appeal means days or weeks of inconvenience as workers swarm your property. From start to finish, concrete driveway staining in Irvine CA usually takes just two days. It might take longer if you have an especially large expanse of concrete to stain.
  • Cost-Effective: When you consider the high cost of a whole new concrete driveway, or the even higher cost of a driveway made from real stone or pavers, concrete driveway staining in Irvine CA becomes a very affordable alternative that allows you to create the look you want without the high cost.

Why Choose Fuller Concrete Staining

Concrete driveway staining in Irvine CA is definitely not a DIY job, as there is a lot of skill involved in prepping the concrete, mixing colors, and applying the stain correctly. At Fuller Concrete Staining, we know the best techniques and products to use on old or new concrete to ensure a strong bond between the stain and the concrete and give you a professional-looking result. We will work hard to help you realize your design vision, and the quality of our work is always guaranteed.

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