Pool Deck Staining in Long Beach CA

Beautify your pool area with professional pool deck staining in Long Beach CA from Fuller Concrete Staining

Are you looking for an affordable, low-maintenance solution for beautifying your pool deck? Fuller Concrete Staining’s professional pool deck staining in Long Beach CA is the answer. This technique for coloring concrete can be used on old or new concrete to create rich, dimensional color with variegated tones.

Here’s How Pool Deck Staining in Long Beach CA Works:

Choose Your Stain: Concrete staining can be used to tint your concrete to almost any color you want. At Fuller Concrete Staining, we will help you choose your colors from top brands of commercial grade UV stable concrete stains.

Prep the Concrete: If your concrete is older, it may need cleaning or restoration before we can start the pool deck staining in Long Beach CA. You can count on us to carefully complete any necessary prep work to ensure durable and even color.

Apply the Stain: We have decades of experience in pool deck staining. You can rely on our team to apply the stain correctly and never leave a mess on your property. Unless your project is unusually large, we can get your pool deck stained and ready for action in just 2 days.

Enjoy Your Pool: When done by a professional using renewable products, pool deck staining in Long Beach CA will last for many years with no fading, chipping, peeling, or flaking. With very little maintenance to worry about besides the occasional cleaning, you can simply enjoy your pool deck.

Now You May Wonder…

…Is Stained Concrete Safe for a Pool Deck?

Of course. Stained concrete is not slippery. This is because the stain penetrates the pores of the concrete rather than sealing them up completely like paint or other coatings.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

All of our pool deck staining in Long Beach CA is backed by our total satisfaction guarantee. To learn more or to request a quote, please contact us at 310-944-9099.

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