Patio Staining in Signal Hill CA

We Are Proud of the Incredible Results We Provide with Patio Staining in Signal Hill CA

There is no question about it: At Fuller Concrete Staining we stand behind our work. We don’t want another person to drive up to an ugly, gray, dirty driveway. We don’t want one more family to live with a dinghy pool deck. We want everyone to know about the incredible results they can get with Patio Staining in Signal Hill CA.

Staining is a Better Option Than Paint for Many Reasons

If you have considered painting your concrete, think again. The fact of the matter is that Patio Staining in Signal Hill CA is a much better option. First, consider that stain penetrates into the pores of the concrete. With paint, it simply sits on top and is much more likely to peel, flake, or chip. Concrete is soaked in deep for optimal longevity.

Consider also that Patio Staining in Signal Hill CA helps prevent UV damage – as long as the right stain is used. Finally, remember that stain is translucent. While paint is opaque, which looks flat and dull, the translucence of stain ensures a deeper, richer look. There are many areas of a home or business that can benefit from Patio Staining, from patios to pools, from paths to driveways.

There are Four Steps in Our Process

When you work with Fuller Concrete Staining, you will get the advantage of our four-step process to ensure the best results with Patio Staining in Signal Hill CA. The steps are as follows:

  1. Deep cleaning. We start by cleaning the concrete to ensure that any stain or seal is properly bonded and that color can develop correctly. We use industrial pressure washing equipment to ensure the surface is clean.
  2. Application of stain. Next, our crew will apply the stain. They are highly experienced and know how to apply, how much to apply, and how to do it evenly.
  3. Optional sealant. Sealing is an optional step but at Fuller Concrete Staining we feel it is one of the most important steps. It will help enhance the appearance of your concrete and protect it from wear and tear.
  4. Maintenance. Once you have invested in Patio Staining in Signal Hill CA, it makes sense to keep up on maintenance. We can provide everything from routine maintenance to stain removal.

While this is our general plan, each client’s needs are different. We will assess your project to find the right steps.

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