Concrete Sealing in Yorba Linda CA

Whether you have plain or colored concrete, we can protect it with professional concrete sealing in Yorba Linda CA.

Over time, concrete can take on a dusty look due to abrasion or get mottled with stains from water, oil, and chemicals. The best way to keep your surfaces looking like new is to invest in professional concrete sealing in Yorba Linda CA. At Fuller Concrete Staining, we can help with any sealing needs you may have, from applying the first coat to a brand new slab to refreshing the sealant on an older surface.

We’ll Help You Pick the Right Product

One of the biggest challenges related to concrete sealing in Yorba Linda CA is choosing the right product to meet your needs and goals. Lucky for you, you don’t have to make this decision on your own. Fuller Concrete Staining has years of experience telling us exactly which products work best for our local area. We’ll make sure you get the best sealer for:

  • Driveways: Concrete driveways must be protected with commercial grade sealants that can resist oil stains and hot tire marks without reducing traction.
  • Pool Decks: Because your safety matters to us, we never use topical sealants that could make the concrete around your pool slippery. Instead we use products that preserve a safe amount of traction on the pool deck.
  • Stained Concrete: If your concrete has been treated with a stain, we recommend a satin finish to enhance the color and give the concrete a bit of shine. If you prefer, we also have a high-gloss sealer.
  • Plain Concrete: It’s also possible to get protection without changing the appearance of your concrete. We have quality penetrating sealers for this purpose.
  • Commercial Concrete: When we do concrete sealing in Yorba Linda CA for high-traffic areas like commercial patios or walkways, we recommend products that are very durable and can be renewed at a reasonable cost to keep your concrete looking its best.

Quality Concrete Sealing in Yorba Linda CA, Guaranteed

You simply can’t get quality concrete sealing in Yorba Linda CA without the proper prep work. Fortunately, we never cut corners at Fuller Concrete Staining. We will make sure your concrete is clean before applying the sealant, using steam cleaning and pressure washing if needed. Because we stand behind the quality of our work, every project is backed by a total satisfaction guarantee.

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