Patio Staining in Yorba Linda CA

Patio staining in Yorba Linda CA will add enduring appeal to your outdoor living space.

Creating a truly appealing outdoor living space can be difficult, especially with a drab concrete slab as your foundation. But remember-that concrete doesn’t have to be drab and boring. You can tint your old or new concrete to virtually any shade you want using patio staining in Yorba Linda CA. Fuller Concrete Staining is here to help. We service both residential and commercial properties and we know the correct techniques for staining old and new concrete.

Why Concrete Staining is Perfect for Patios

It’s Fast: If you want good quality, patio staining in Yorba Linda CA isn’t a DIY project. But professional patio staining is an excellent weekend project–depending on the size of your patio, we can have it done in as little as 2 days.

It’s Affordable: When faced with an ugly patio, most people think they have to live with it or else pay big bucks to have the concrete torn up and replaced with sod, pavers, or a new slab. Fortunately, patio staining in Yorba Linda CA provides a cost-effective and extremely satisfying alternative.

It’s Beautiful: Concrete staining is far superior to paint for your patio. Because the stain is translucent, you get rich, deep, beautiful color you simply can’t achieve with paint. We can use various application techniques to achieve special color effects and even make your concrete resemble stone.

It Lasts: Because concrete stain penetrates into the concrete and bonds with it, rather than just sitting on top like paint, your stained patio will be extremely durable. You won’t have to worry about chipping, flaking, or peeling. And because we use UV stable products for patio staining in Yorba Linda CA, you won’t have to worry about fading either.

Perfect Patio Staining in Yorba Linda CA–Guaranteed

Fuller Concrete Staining has built our reputation as the best concrete care company in the South Bay and OC on a foundation of consistent quality. We guarantee you will be 100 percent satisfied with the quality of our patio staining.

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