Should You Seal the Concrete Around Your Pool? Three Signs That Point to Yes

There are steps that can be taken to guarantee you’re protecting that investment, whether you already have a concrete pool deck or are planning to have one installed. A good concrete sealer will make a significant difference first and foremost. It may maintain the attractiveness of your pool deck year after year, or if it’s an older deck, you can give it new life by staining the concrete and then sealing it.

Regardless, Fuller Concrete Staining is available to assist. We specialize in giving your concrete a fantastic appearance and then helping it stay that way for as long as possible through staining and sealing. Following these three benefits of sealing the concrete surrounding your pool, call 310-944-9099 for more information.

You can customize the area by sealing the concrete

Clients frequently don’t realize how many options there are for sealing their concrete. It’s entirely up to you whether you add a texture, cure it, or add a slip-resistant sealant to make it safer. We have sealers with no gloss and high gloss, among other gloss levels. We can add a colored sealant to your deck to bring out its color. In other words, by sealing the concrete around your pool, you can give it an incredible appearance.

Your concrete is safer against stains because of sealing

There are numerous items nearby that could potentially discolor your pool deck. That is only a partial list, which also includes salt, chemicals, and chlorine. You can see that there are actual dangers near your pool when you take into account things like leaves, fertilizer, pet pee, and the list goes on. The good news is that any of those items won’t be able to penetrate your concrete with the help of a high-quality sealer. Thus, you may enjoy your concrete without being concerned about stains.

Concrete sealing lessens the possibility of damage

Concrete sealer has other uses besides stain prevention. If you reside in a region that experiences freezing weather, even if it only happens once every five years, your concrete may break. They can make the top start to peel off. Both of these problems are brought on by water entering your concrete and expanding once it has frozen.

The water wouldn’t have entered the concrete in the first place if you had concrete sealant. Water will bead up directly on the surface in its place. This is useful because it keeps water from penetrating your concrete, but it’s also a good indication that you should re-seal your concrete since if the water doesn’t bead, you should.

Find out more about your alternatives for sealing concrete

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