Steam Clean, Stain, and Seal Your Pavers to Kill the Coronavirus on Your Property

Many people are understandably looking for ways to make their homes cleaner, sanitized, and stable. Business owners want to keep their staff and customers safe. It can feel like you are not doing enough to see this all done. That is where Fuller Concrete Staining would like to help you. We can steam clean and seal your pavers to kill any coronavirus that might be on them.

What to Expect with Steam Cleaning from Fuller Concrete Staining

While you might know us as the company that seals and stains concrete, we know how important it is to reduce bacteria and allergens from every area of a home or business. This is why you can know, and for the foreseeable future, call us for steam cleaning as well. This type of cleaning works at high temperatures without damaging your pavers or concrete. It gets rid of the gunk you can see and the gunk you can’t.

Staining Can Keep the Surface Clean

There are a number of reasons that it is wise to stain your concrete flooring and/or pavers. First and foremost, it is a great way to seal up the pores so that bacteria cannot live within them. Second, it looks beautiful. At Fuller Concrete Staining we offer a full line of stain options, from virtually clear to beautiful colors. Whether you want a matte or shiny finish, we have you covered.

Sealing Ensures that the Stain Lasts as Long as Possible

When we seal your concrete pavers or flooring, we are ensuring that it will look great for as long as possible. Sealing can prevent damage, can keep it shiny or matte for months or years to come, and helps protect it overall. If you are going to clean and stain your concrete surfaces, it is well worth it to add sealing as well. In fact, we highly recommend it.

Let Us Sanitize Your Pavers and Concrete Flooring

Our steam cleaning process sanitizes your flooring. If you want to know that you have done as much as possible to keep your home or business as free from viruses and bacteria as possible, then sanitizing is a smart idea. We will use the right level of pressure, temperature, and cleaning solution based on the specific needs of your property.

If you are ready to learn more and to request a free estimate, please contact your local concrete staining and sealing company: Fuller Concrete Staining at 310-944-9099.

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