What Surface Do You Need Sealed and Stained? Learn the Five Specialties of Fuller Concrete Staining

If you have a concrete surface then you need the help of Fuller Concrete Staining. From concrete sealing to concrete staining, we can help keep your concrete in great shape. Keep reading to learn about some of the surfaces we specialize in working with, then call us at 310-944-9099 for a quote.

  1. Services for Concrete Driveways
  2. We provide comprehensive concrete sealing and staining for driveways. No matter what shape your driveway is in, we can help improve it. We can take a “regular” driveway and turn it into a stunner. Just a single coat of stain can add depth and beauty to a driveway that is otherwise rather dull. You could add additional visual interest by deciding on one stain for the border and another for the driveway. No matter how simple or complex the designs are, you can count on Fuller Concrete Staining providing exceptional services.
  3. Pool Decks
  4. It is true that natural stone looks lovely when installed around a pool. Unfortunately, it is also true that this can be expensive to install and maintain. The good news is that concrete is a great choice because it is affordable, beautiful, and can be treated to not be slippery. When you work with Fuller Concrete Staining, we could even add unique color effects.
  5. Patios
  6. Whether your patio is plain gray, colored, or textured, we can help you by adding staining and then sealing it. We offer a huge variety of stain colors and options. Whether you want to add a strong UV coating to prevent fading, or you want to make sure that it is as slip-proof as possible, we have you covered.
  7. Other Residential Concrete Staining Needs
  8. We can help with concrete staining and sealing needs for just about any residential concrete project. We will treat your property as though it is our own, using only the highest-quality products and cleaning up thoroughly when we’re done. We mark off areas to ensure that your property is not harmed by the stains or sealants. You can count on us to give you great results and a clean area after we are done.
  9. Commercial Concrete Staining Needs
  10. In addition to helping residential customers, Fuller Concrete Staining is a fully licensed contractor. As a result, we have the staff, experience, and resources to handle even very large commercial concrete projects. We know the unique needs of these clients and we can deliver.

No matter what your concrete staining or sealing needs are, contact Fuller Concrete Staining at 310-944-9099 now to request a quote, to get more information, or to get started.

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