Learn why concrete staining is the best long-term solution for enhancing your patio.

Which Is Better for Coloring a Concrete Patio: Paint, Epoxy, or Stain?Are you tired of your boring gray patio? There are actually plenty of options for adding a pop of color to the concrete and enhancing your outdoor living space:


Often, the first thing people think of for adding color to a concrete patio is paint. After all, your local hardware store is full of paints specially formulated for concrete floors and this would seem like an appealing DIY option when you want a fast, inexpensive fix for a drab patio. The trouble is, you get what you pay for. Concrete paint is inexpensive, but it is also very vulnerable to damage. It will quickly start to peel or flake, especially if you were not careful to get the concrete totally clean before beginning work.


Epoxy coatings provide a better alternative to paint for patios and other concrete surfaces. You will have almost as many colors to choose from. Epoxy coatings are not as easy to apply as paint and do cost more per square foot, but epoxy will deliver improved durability compared to paint. However, over time epoxy coatings are vulnerable to peeling, chipping, and flaking just like paint.


For the ultimate in long-lasting, durable color, choose concrete stain. Because concrete stain doesn’t just sit on the surface of the concrete, but actually penetrates into the pores of the concrete to some degree, your color is not going to peel, chip, or flake. Under heavy usage and/or after many years, however, you could see some abrasion damage to your stained concrete patio. Fortunately, coating the stained concrete with a sealer will help slow this process considerably, while also protecting against stains from water, oil, and chemicals. If you are careful to choose a UV stable stain such as we use at Fuller Concrete Staining, your color will remain true even in the sunniest parts of your patios.

Now you may wonder…

…Is there anything concrete staining can’t do better than paint or epoxy?

It is important to note that while paint and epoxy are opaque, concrete stain is translucent. Normally this is an advantage, because translucent tones add more depth and beauty to your concrete. However, if your patio is old, with many cracks and patches, you may prefer a product that will cover those imperfections with a flat, opaque color rather than let them show through. This really is just a matter of personal preference since imperfections can add interest and depth to stained concrete by creating tonal variations, which some people like.

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