Concrete Driveway Sealing in Santa Ana CA

Keep your driveway looking its best with professional concrete driveway sealing in Santa Ana CA

Concrete Driveway SealingWhether you have a residential or commercial property, the driveway is an important part of a visitor’s first impression. However, over time concrete driveways can easily become worn, stained, or marred by hot tire marks. Concrete that has been stained for color enhancement can also potentially develop faded spots from UV damage. In order to protect your concrete from damage and extend the service life of your driveway, you need to invest in quality concrete driveway sealing in Santa Ana CA from a professional like Fuller Concrete Staining.

5 Steps for a Durable, Beautiful Concrete Driveway

At Fuller Concrete Staining, we have many years of experience in concrete driveway sealing in Santa Ana CA. You can trust us to provide superior quality service during every step of the process:

  • Sealer Selection: We know from experience which products work best for different types of concrete driveway sealing in Santa Ana CA. We typically recommend a satin finish sealer that will protect your concrete without really changing its appearance. However, we also have products that can provide a glossy finish, which is often desirable for stained concrete. These products will make your concrete less absorbent, which will deliver protection from staining and also provide a barrier against abrasion damage, UV damage, and hot tire marks.
  • Concrete Cleaning: Prior to applying the concrete sealant, we will make sure your driveway is clean. We have special cleaning compounds to help remove stains as well as professional pressure washing equipment to remove ordinary dirt and grime. The cleaner the concrete, the better the bond with the sealant.
  • Application: After cleaning the concrete and letting it dry completely, we’re ready to begin the actual sealing process. You can rely on our staff to work quickly but carefully to ensure you get an even coat of sealant with no missed spots.
  • Drying: After letting the concrete sealant dry for 24 to 48 hours (depending on the product used), your driveway will be ready for action.
  • Resealing: While concrete driveway sealing in Santa Ana CA provides long-lasting protection, it doesn’t last forever. Fortunately, we use products that can be reapplied as needed without the need for stripping between layers, which makes resealing much easier. You can trust us for an honest assessment of when resealing will be necessary in your specific situation.

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